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The 15th Odesa International Film Festival Announced the European Competitive Programme

11 films will participate in the European Competitive Programme of the 15th Odesa International Film Festival. Programme includes nine feature films, one documentary and one animation:


  • «Andrea lässt sich scheiden» («Andrea Gets a Divorce»), directed by Josef Hader, 2024

Andrea, a small-town policewoman, has decided to move on from her unhappy marriage with the help of a transfer to a higher position in the police department of the next bigger city. After a birthday party, her not-yet-divorced husband appears in front of her car, drunk. She runs him over – and, in a state of shock, flees the scene.

  • «Arthur&Diana», directed by Sara Summa, 2023

Arthur & Diana are siblings. Together with Diana’s two-year-old son, they leave Berlin for Paris for a short, relaxed trip for the required annual safety inspection of their rusty old Renault. But the journey won’t be relaxed, the direction won’t be Paris and whether the car will go along is definitely questionable. After an encounter with the police, an antagonistic stop at their mother’s place, an overly sensual party, a flat tire, a funeral, and repeated tumultuous car conversations, they will end up all the way down in Italy, with a few more friends and hopes than they had left with.

  • «Blueberry Dreams», directed by Elene Mikaberidze, 2024

A warm and understatedly humourous film about a Georgian family's project to start a blueberry farm in an area close to the troubled border with the Russian-backed region of Abkhazia, where new conflicts have been rumbling for 30 years. A young film from the old world, where the family's two sons dream of a different future.

  • «El sueño de la sultana» («Sultana's Dream»), directed by Isabel Herguera, 2023

Inspired by a feminist science fiction story written in 1905 in Bengal, Inés embarks on a journey through India searching for the traces of Ladyland, an utoptian country for women.

  • «Gondola», directed by Veit Helmer, 2023

The dialogue-free film is a co-production between Germany and Georgia. «Gondola» is the tale of two female cable car attendants who fall in love as they face each other going up and down the remote mountains of Georgia.

  • «Jupiter», directed by Benjamin Pfohl, 2023

A teenage girl’s family falls for a cosmic cult promising salvation in a higher existence on Jupiter. As flashbacks leading deeper into the past unravel the family’s struggle to get a hold on life, the girl has to decide if to follow her parents or to make her own way on earth.

  • «La casa» («The Home»), directed by Álex Montoya, 2024

This Spanish drama adapts the namesake graphic novel by Paco Roca. After the death of their father, three siblings return to the family home where they grew up. They intend to sell it and follow their very different paths. But as memories surface in every corner, a fear of getting rid of the past and an impulse to reunite grows in them. As a last tribute to their father, there may still be time to make up for lost time and the house may witness new stories.


  • «Les Paradis de Diane» («Paradises of Diane»), directed by Jan Gassmann, Carmen Jaquier, 2024

According to the plot, after the birth of her first child, Diana disappears in an unknown city, leaving her boyfriend Martin with the baby in the woman’s hospital in Zurich. Among the world of tourists and revelers, Diana meets Rose. A meeting with a stranger will help her find herself and learn the truth.

  • «Pakoja & haaveita» («Getaways & Dreams»), directed by Kaisa El Ramly, 2023

«Getaways & Dreams» is a Finnish story about encounters, collisions and awakenings taking place during one summer day on a road and its nearby surroundings. The film’s theme is in the attempt to understand and accept life’s inevitability in its many different forms and it is explored through nine characters, an eccentric hitchhiker and one dog on the loose. «Getaways & Dreams» is a balanced mixture of tragi-comedy and elevated realism introducing a rich, plentiful world with a wacky gallery of portraits, calmness and poetry.

  • «Sex», directed by Dag Johan Haugerud, 2024

Two men, both in heterosexual marriages, have an unexpected experience that challenges them to reconsider their understanding of sexuality, gender, and identity. One has a sexual encounter with another man, without considering it either as an expression of homosexuality or infidelity, and discusses it with his wife afterwards. The other finds himself in nocturnal dreams where he is seen as a woman, stirring confusion and leading him to question how much his personality is shaped by the gaze of others.

  • «Tyle co nic» («Next to Nothing»), directed by Grzegorz Dębowskі, 2023

A group of farmers organizes a protest outside the house of an MP who, contrary to his earlier promises, voted against their interests. When a human body is discovered in the manure they dump on his front yard, suspicion immediately falls on Jarek, the leader of the protest, even though the deceased was his closest friend. Determined to clear his name, Jarek launches his own investigation, uncovering the truth behind his friend’s death and exposing the real mindset of the villagers around him. Against a world that prefers to forget the past, Jarek fights to uphold his friend’s memory and prove that no life is worth “next to nothing”.

The 15th Odesa International Film Festival will take place from July 12 to 20, 2024, in Kyiv.

The 15th Odesa International Film Festival is supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency and the Creative Europe Program.

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