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2024 / 45' / Ukraine

Talented resuscitation doctor Marina Bondar, trying to save her marriage with her colleague, successful surgeon Andriy Bondar, is planning to accept a job offer in Poland and move her family there to start a new life. However, one morning she wakes up to the sound of explosions and decides to stay at her hometown hospital, which switches to a 24/7 mode and becomes a saving fortress for many patients.


Screenings schedule:

16.07.2024 at 15:00, Oscar Cinema, 1a Sportyvna Square (Gulliver Shopping Mall, 7th floor, Kyiv), 3 halls




Born and educated in Kyiv, he is a graduate of the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema, and Television, with a specialization in video film directing. With over 25 years of experience in various genres, from television broadcasts to feature films and series, Oleksandr is a recognized master of melodrama. Recently, after the invasion, he has returned to the documentary genre, where he began his creative career.

The series "Doctor by Calling" is a new professional challenge for Oleksandr and his team, where each of them aims to achieve cinematic quality in the format of a television series.

Selected filmography

  • To Save Horsie (2023)

  • Autopsy Will Show 3 (2023)

  • The Call of Love (2023)

  • Theory of Evil (2021)

  • The Best Detective (2019)


Producer: Natalia Yakovleva, Olena Yeremieieva, Daria Zhukova

Screenwriter: Yaroslava Segal, Tamara Molotkova

DOP: Kostiantyn Ponomariov

Composer: Artem Tkachenko

Cast: Viktoriia Lytvynenko, Serhii Strelnikov, Iolanta Bohdiun, Anna Salivanchuk, Ivan Zhiliuk, Natalka Kobyzka, Oleksandr Pecherytsia

Production: Ideas Bank


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