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2023 / 94' / Ukraine

Work on the documentary project "Culture vs. War" began in the spring of 2022. For the team, it was important to capture the moments of dramatic transformation taking place in Ukrainian society through the perspectives of well-known representatives from various fields of art. The almanac includes 4 out of the 7 films of the project: about cinematographer Serhii Mykhalchuk, director Akhtem Seitablaiev, poet Serhii Zhadan, and the band Antytila. Each hero of the film almanac is an important creative personality in the cultural foundation of our nation, each serving their country and, through their public presence, bringing awareness and drawing the world's attention to the events and support for Ukraine. Each film has its own style, reflecting the art form of its hero or heroes. Each film captures the key events of 2022 and 2023 in the history of the war initiated by Russia in Ukraine; it is a contemporary story of our heroes, their transformations, and values.

Culture vs war. Serhii Mykhalchuk

This film is about the famous Ukrainian cinematographer Serhii Mykhalchuk, Berlinale Silver Bear winner. Made about 40 films, 4 of which were nominated for the "Oscar" award. Best cinematography first prize winner at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Winner of the Golden Dzyga Award "Best Cinematographer-Director". DOP of such well-known films as "Mamay", "Guide", "Wild Field", "Dovbush". He is currently serving in the Armed Forces, documenting the aggression rusia against Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale invasion.

Photo materials by Serhii are taken as evidence for the military tribunal in The Hague in the case of war crimes committed by the russian federation on the territory of Ukraine.

Culture vs war. Akhtem Seitablaiev

This film is about Akhtem Seitablaiev the Crimea Tatarian film director, actor, producer. The next day after the full-scale invasion joined Territorial Defence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Akhtem Seitablaiev directed two feature films about the fate of the Crimean Tatars: "Khaitarma"

(2013) and "Another's Prayer" (2017). He also created 2 films about the war russia against Ukraine: “Cyborgs” (2017), “Myrny21” (2023). As the actor played the main role in the film "Homeward”, which represented Ukraine in 2019 in the competition program "Special View" of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Culture vs war. Serhiy Zhadan

This film is about Serhiy Zhadan - Ukrainian poet, novelist, translator, essayist, musician. One of

the most often translated abroad Ukrainian authors - his works can be read in thirty languages. Serhiy Zhadan's creations have received numerous national and international awards.

Nominee for the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature. Three-time winner of the "BBC Book of the Year" award. Laureate of the prize named after Vasyl Stus. In June 2022, he received the Peace Prize of the German Booksellers. The founder and leader of the popular Ukrainian rock band "Zhadan and Dogs". Since the beginning of the war, Serhii has been providing volunteer assistance to the Army. He also created a charitable foundation that supports educational and cultural initiatives.

Culture vs war. Antytila

Ukrainian band, who changed their musical instruments for weapons from the first day of the full-scale invasion. Before the war, they gathered stadiums, released 7 records. Since

2014, they have been volunteers for the Army. Since February 24 they stood up for the defense of Ukraine. Already during the war they sang with Bono and The Edge from U2. “Antytila” released a song and a music video and performed with Ed Sheeran. Since February 2023, "Antytila" playing the concerts on a world tour, raising international attention and funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Screenings schedule:

15.07.2024 at 18:30, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Hall 3




Film and music video director, editor, color grading master and founder of Chupacabra production. Well known by the music video for famous Ukrainian and international bands.

Leader of “Armada” music band.

Selected filmography

  • Culture vs war (2023)

  • MRIYA (VR project, 2022)

  • The Call. Monster in a moment before eternity (2019)

  • The Coffin (2018)


Producer: Andrii Rizol, Alina Krasnianska (executive producer)

DOP: Yurii Gruzinov

Composer: Kadim Tarasov

Production: Association of Cinema Promotion and Assistance in Ukraine - Watch Ukrainian!


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