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2023 / 108' / Germany

Arthur & Diana are siblings. Together with Diana’s two-year-old son, they leave Berlin for Paris for a short, relaxed trip for the required annual safety inspection of their rusty old Renault. But the journey won’t be relaxed, the direction won’t be Paris and whether the car will go along is definitely questionable. After an encounter with the police, an antagonistic stop at their mother’s place, an overly sensual party, a flat tire, a funeral, and repeated tumultuous car conversations, they will end up all the way down in Italy, with a few more friends and hopes than they had left with.


Screenings schedule:

15.07.2024 at 15:00, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Red Hall




Sara Summa was born in an Italian family in France. Since early childhood she participated in numerous film and theater projects. In 2011 she finished her master’s degree in film, for which she studied in France, Italy and the USA. She has lived and worked in Berlin since then, where she studied directing at the Deutsche Filmund Fernsehakademie Berlin. After several short films, her first feature length film “The Last to See Them” celebrated its world premiere at the 69th Berlinale. The film subsequently screened at numerous festivals worldwide and won awards for Best Director and Best Feature. In 2020, Sara won the German cultural institution BKM’s Screenplay Grant for her feature project “A Safe Place”.

Selected filmography

  • Arthur & Diana (1923)

  • The Last To See Them (2019)

  • My Friends (2018)


Producer: Cecilia Trautvetter, Lisa Roling

Screenwriter: Sara Summa

DOP: Faraz Fesharakiі

Composer: Ben Roessler

Cast: Lupo Piero Summa, Robin Summa, Sara Summa, Livia Antonelli, Claire Loiseau, Benjamin Schwinn, Ugo Fiore, Herward Dunkel

Production: German Film &Television Academy Berlin (DFFB), Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RBB)

Sales agent: Square Eyes, Wouter Jansen


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