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2024 / 76' / Georgia, France, Belgium, Qatar

Led by the good-hearted father Soso, a family of four starts a blueberry farm to secure their future together. But with a home in northern Georgia, their village is close to the troubled border with the Russian-backed region of Abkhazia, where new conflicts have been rumbling for 30 years. Soso is a retired engineer, but together with his wife Nino and their sons Giorgi and Lazare, he throws himself into the ‘Plant the Future’ programme set up by the Georgian authorities to stabilize the area. Nino is haunted by memories of the war and dreams of her children experiencing the world, while Soso wants to maintain their connection to the land. But Giorgi and Lazare long for a different future, immersing themselves in anime and dreaming of visiting Japan. In the midst of their daily lives, the family navigates between hardship, joy and contemplation of a different future.


Screenings schedule:

18.07.2024 at 13:00, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Red Hall




Born in 1988 in Georgia, Elene spent much of her life in Brussels. With an MA in Eastern Europe & Caucasus Studies, she explored war representation in Georgian cinema. Returning to Georgia in 2016, Elene directs films and works for Tbilisi IFF as a programmer. She is an alumnus of Filmmakers for Peace, From Script 2 Film, EurasiaDOC, EAVE Change, BDC Discoveries, CineDOC Film Mentoring & Awards.

Selected filmography

  • Pure Breed (2021)

  • A Bitter Lesson (2018)


Producer: Elene Margvelashvili

Screenwriter: Elene Mikaberidze

DOP: Patrick Wendt

Cast: Lazare Meladze, Giorgi Meladze, Nino Torchinava, Soso Meladze

Production: Parachute Films

Rightsholder: Parachute Filmspeal


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