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2022 / 100' / Poland

The film is inspired by true events, played by non-professionals. Tymek, a young, talented pianist - student of the Warsaw Academy of Music, returns to his small hometown for a vacation, a place where time has stood still. The central meeting point for local youth is the newly created kebab bar. Tymek witnesses a growing conflict between Arab kebab workers and his colleagues from the neighborhood. A conflict that will turn out to be tragic.


Screeining schedule:

25.08, 16:30, Chernivtsi Concert Hall (10 Universitetska Street, Chernivtsi)




Damian Kocur – director and cinematographer. A graduate of Krzysztof Kieslowski's Film School in Katowice and a PhD student at the Łódź Film School. He is the author of internationally awarded short films. His film "Beyond Is the Day" («Dalej jest dzień», 2020) won, among others, Award for the Best Short Film at the International Film Festival in Trieste, Tehran and the Best European film at Clermont-Ferrand. As a filmmaker, he follows the credibility of emotions on the screen and considers the authenticity of the presented characters and their stories as the most important goal.

Selected filmography

  • Nothing New Under the Sun (Nic Novego Pod Słońcem, 2018),

  • My Heart (Moje Serce, 2019),

  • Beyond is the Day (Dalej jest dzień, 2020),

  • Bread and Salt (Chleb i Sól, 2022)


Producer: Jacek Bromski, Ewa Jastrzębska, Jerzy Kapuściński

Screenwriter: Damian Kocur

DOP: Tomasz Woźniczka

Composer: Katarzyna Białas, Łukasz Kaczmarski

Cast: Tymoteusz Bies, Jacek Bies, Dawid Piejko, Nikola Raczko, Nadim Suleiman, Nadeem Shalave

Production: Munk Studio – Polish Filmmakers Association


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