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2023 / 102' / Ukraine

Cities and their heroes is a collection of six documentary stories of ordinary people and six cities of wartime Ukraine. The films tell about the phenomenon of ordinary Ukrainian heroism, when people in dark times find the strength to do good deeds, help others under bombings, during occupation and wartime attacks. The characters of the film - a bodyguard, a TV presenter, a puppet theater actress, a mayor of a small town, a restaurateur and a composer - not only had the strength to survive, but also found a new way in life and helped those around them.


Screening schedule:

25.08, 10:30, Chernivtsi Concert Hall (10 Universitetska Street, Chernivtsi)



Biography Olha Gibelinda

Olga Hibelinda is a Ukrainian director, producer and screenwriter. Actively works in the field of documentaries and feature films. Member of the Ukrainian and European Film Academies. Once the full-scale invasion started, she stayed in Ukraine to be as useful as possible both as a cinematographer (to tell about the events in Ukraine) and as a volunteer and conscript.

Selected filmography:

  • Something (2011),

  • Yesterday I will be 17 (2014),

  • Just on Evening (2022),

  • Cities and Their Heroes (2023)

Biography Andrii Lytvynenko

Andrii Lytvynenko graduated from the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi Theatre, Cinema and Television University in 2012, specialising in film and television directing. He was the author of the idea and one of the directors of the film almanac “OUT EURO, World Football Championship Euro 2012”; took part in production of the anthologies "Ukrainian Voices" and "Maidan. Installation Draft", “Kyiv from Dawn to Dusk” ". In 2013, he received a "Gaude Polonia" grant and studied at the Wajda School in Warsaw at the documentary film studio. Andrii directed the documentary film "Askania Reserve", which received funding from the Ukrainian State Film Agency. He is co-author and co-producer of the film The Process: the Russian State Against Oleg Sentsov

Selected filmography:

  • Full-circle(2012),

  • Good Night, Kyiv City Council;(2014),

  • Science Will Win!(2017),

  • Vattenti, Ukraine and Italy(2019),

  • Askania Reserve(2019),

  • Fantastic Ukrainians. VISUAL ART(2020),

  • Cities and Their Heroes (2023)


Producer: Anastasiia Verheles

Screenwriter: Oksana Myronenko

DOP: Kyryl Nikrashevych, Ivan Kezikov, Oleh Avilov, Ivan Fomichenko, Olga Oborina, Oleksii Makulskii

Composer: Oleksii Silakov, Pavlo Lytovkin, Dmytro Oleksyuk, Andrii Borysenko, Matvii Tebeshevskii

Cast: Oleksandr Berehovyi, Dmytro Voloshchenko, Pavlo Ihnatchenko, Olena Ozerova, Artem Rakitin, Hena Popenko

Production: USAID, З країни в Україну, QUICKLY PRODUCTION,

Sales agent: Malanka Studios


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