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2023 / 74' / Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal

"Civil Pitch 2.0: Cinema Bringing Victory Closer" is a collection of fresh documentary snapshots capturing the reality that unfolded after February 24, 2022. The war in Ukraine has become all-encompassing, and the world is beginning to realize that Russian aggression threatens not only our territories but the entire civilization framework we know. The experience of this reality is painful, overwhelming, and incomprehensible. It's difficult to discuss, but absolutely crucial – both among ourselves and with the world. It seems to me that it's through the "small stories" of ordinary people that we can find the opportunity to strengthen, accept, and share this experience in a way that reaches those who haven't experienced war. Step by step, detail by detail. – Oleksandra Kravchenko, Coordinator of the Civil Pitch 2.0 project. This project is organized by the NGO "Docudays" and is conceptualized and implemented with the support and partnership of the "Engage!" public activity program (USAID/ENGAGE) and Goethe-Institut.


Screening schedule:

25.08, 10:30, Ivan Mykolaichuk Cultural Center (140 Holovna Street, Chernivtsi)


Directors: Pavlo Dorohoi, Lesya Dyak, Halyna Lavrinets, Anastasiia Tykha




Since the first days of the war, the subway has become a bomb shelter for many Kharkiv residents. For two months, they have been equipping it for a more or less comfortable life. But the local government and the subway management want to vacate the subway of its residents and launch the transit network again.

Director: Pavlo Dorohoi

Producer: Artem Pribylnov

Screenwriter: Pavlo Dorohoi

DOP: Volodymyr Kulikov

Виробник / Production: DOCUDAYS




Nelia is an owner of Omelko’s House, a country house museum of folk domestic life in the village of Kozubivka, Poltava region. Nelia and her husband Oleksandr are helping relocated people who have fled from bombing and shelling attacks in Kharkiv to adapt in the village. Due to the war, Nelia is very anxious about famine. To help the displaced people from Kharkiv have enough food, she gives them a big garden patch and planting seeds, where they plant potatoes and vegetables. Over time, it becomes evident that the people who moved here from the city are not ready for hard physical work on the land plot because they hope that the war will end soon. Without proper care, the planted harvest starts degrading. Will they be able to find a compromise, save the vegetable garden and their relationships?

Director: Halyna Lavrinets

Producer: Alexandra Bratyshchenko

Screenwriter: Halyna Lavrinets

DOP: Yevhen Kozeko

Composer: Mykyta Moiseiev

Виробник / Production: ELERON PICTURES, e-mail address:, www:




With the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, twelve-year-old Mykyta together with his parents and younger brother, had to flee their home in Vuhledar, a small mining town in Donetsk Oblast. Having settled at a new place, they put all their strength into resuming the operation of their main family work, a club for children who are interested in robotics and programming. While preparing for the main event, the World Robot Olympiad, Mykyta and his team partner Oleksii are going through a lot of trial and error. But despite everything, they actively move forward, proving that hard work towards your goal with a true passion for it can help you get through the most difficult times.

Director: Anastasiia Tykha

Producer: Bohdanna Semen, Andrii Kotliar

DOP: Andrii Kotliar, Anastasiia Tykha, Yevhen Kozeko, Nastya Roshuk

Composer: Anton Baibakov, Sofia Baibakova, Roman Liubyi

Виробник / Production: Babylon 13,,



2023/19'/Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal

11-year-old Olesia from Ukraine is growing up under the wing of her mother, away from home. Dance and touch are her ways to release anger and adjust to the reality of Brussels. Every evening Olesia waits for dad’s call from Ukraine. The family’s extreme closeness nurtures the strength of this young girl whose fragility is exposed to constant war-related anxiety after the large-scale russian invasion of Ukraine.

Director: Lesia Diak

Producer: Lesia Diak, Natalia Libet, Andrii Stupak, DocNomads

Screenwriter: Lesia Diak

DOP: Lesia Diak

Cast: Olesia Zalevska, Svitlana Zalevska, Maksym Zalevsky

Виробник / Production: DramaFree, DocNomads, CivilPitch

Сейлз агент / Sales agent: Docudays



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