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2014 / 61' / Ukraine

This is a story of 82-years-old Maria and her sick son Sashko. They live out their days in the remotest depths of the provinces.

Sashko went blind because of serious illness. He’s afraid of his mother passing on first. Maria fully realizes that no one would look after her son and clingsto life at any price.

Country life hypnotizes by irrational actions of charismatic characters reduced to extremity andnot willing to surrender.

Maria buys a calf. Sashko starts building out a tractor groping his way in the darkness.


Screenings schedule:

18.07.2024 at 11:45, Oscar Cinema, 1a Sportyvna Square (Gulliver Shopping Mall, 7th floor, Kyiv), Hall 3




Ukrainian director, screenwriter, and producer. A graduate of the National University of Theatre, Film, and Television named after Karpenko-Kary, he holds a degree in documentary filmmaking. In 2006-2007, he studied at the Andrzej Wajda School of Film Directing in Poland. He often works not only as a director but also as a cinematographer in his own films ("Black Level," "Atlantis," "Reflection"), as well as for other directors, such as Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi's film "The Tribe".

Vasyanovych's films have been submitted by Ukraine for the Oscar twice: "Black Level" in 2017 and "Atlantis" in 2019. He is a laureate of the Horizons program and a nominee for the main award, the Golden Lion, at the Venice Film Festival. For his film "Atlantis," he was awarded the Shevchenko Prize.

Valentyn Vasyanovych's documentary film "Crepuscule" received a special mention at the DOCUDAYS UA festival and the prize for Best Ukrainian Film at the Odesa International Film Festival in 2015.

Selected filmography

  • Business as Usual (2012)

  • Kredens (2013)

  • Crepuscule (2014)

  • Black Level (2017)

  • Atlantis (2019)

  • Reflection (2021)


Producer: Iya Myslytska

Screenwriter: Valentyn Vasyanovych

DOP: Valentyn Vasyanovych

Cast: Mariya Vasyanovych, Olexandr Vasyanovych

Production: Harmata film production


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