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2023 / 69' / Ukraine

A unique and powerful documentary that takes you on a journey through the firsthand experiences of actors from the Mariupol Dramatic Theatre. Through their struggles and triumphs, you'll witness the indomitable spirit of artists in the face of war and occupation. The film starts at the premiere of a play staged by these actors in western Ukraine, which recounts their experiences surviving the occupation of Mariupol, the destruction of their theatre.


Розклад показів:

22.08, 10:30, Chernivtsi Concert Hall (10 Universitetska Street, Chernivtsi)




Yulian Ulybin has been working in the video content industry for a long time. He was still a student at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts when together with a partner opened a production company. But he has always preferred to be a director. Some of his directorial works have received awards, among them are Red Apple, KIAF, ADC * UA Awards. But the most dearest for him are two awards: at the Cannes corporate media & tv awards for a series of videos to shape the image of Ukraine and the 2021 Cannes Short Film Festival - for the mini-documentary «I'm Ukrainian Sculptor». «I am Ukrainian» - before it was a documentary project about Ukrainian masters, but now it is talking about WAR AS IT IS!

Selected filmography

  • Series of short films "I am Ukrainian" (2021),

  • Kids of Bomb Shelters (2022),

  • DRAM (2023),

  • Chronicles of rage - «How Moscow was Sunk» (2023),

  • Chronicles of rage – «Liberation of Zmeinyi Island» (2023)


Producer: Yulian Ulybin

DOP: Sergiy Smichok

Composer: Hanna Malienko

Cast: Vira Lebedynska, Ihor Kitrysh, Olena Bila, Matvii Kitrysh, Dmytro Murantsev

Production: Shootgroup Production (IamUkrainian) e-mail address: www:


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