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2017 / 105' / Ukraine

Anton, a 27-year-old former child prodigy musician who couldn't live up to the expectations placed on him, returns home after several years of studying in Switzerland and five months spent in a psychiatric hospital near Kyiv, where he was treated for alcoholism. These five months coincide with the “winter that changed us” of 2013-14. Therefore, a new life for Anton means not only the absence of friends, former habits, and his life's work — music, but also any rules by which he can fit into a new reality.

Katya, one of thousands of girls renting micro-rooms in the concrete jungle of Troyeshchyna, is set to leave for Berlin in two days with her boyfriend, a German photojournalist. A chance encounter between Katya and Anton changes everything.


Screenings schedule:

13.07.2024 at 10:30, Oscar Cinema, 1a Sportyvna Square (Gulliver Shopping Mall, 7th floor, Kyiv), Blue Hall




Born in Kyiv, she graduated from the film faculty of the Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema, and Television in 2004. She became interested in working with non-actors in theatrical spaces and on camera. In the experimental theater “School,” she developed play structures with non-actors. She attended a seminar on story structure by Robert McKee and participated in the six-month ARCHIDOC program, founded by the French film school La Fémis for European documentarians. Her debut film, “Holidays”, participated in international festivals (“Molodist” 2013, “Artdocfest” 2014) and was presented at the East Silver Doc Platform (Czech Republic). It was recognized by the Cineticle authors' community as the best Ukrainian short film of 2013. Her short film “Men's Work” (2015) won at the Odesa International Film Festival and received an award at the “Molodist” film festival for the best acting ensemble and the director's work with actors.

Selected filmography

  • Men's Work (2015)

  • Holidays (2013)

  • To Hear (2004)


Producer: Olena Yershova, Volodymyr Filippov, Alla Ovsiannikova

Screenwriter: Maryna Stepanska

DOP: Sebastian Taler

Composer: Mykyta Moiseiev

Cast: Andrii Seletskyi, Daria Plakhtii, Oleh Mosiichuk, Larysa Rusnak, Kristian Borys

Production: InsightMedia, Tatofilm, with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency


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