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2023 / 82' / Finland

Getaways & Dreams is a story about encounters, collisions, and awakenings taking place during one summer day on a road and its nearby surroundings. The film’s theme is in the attempt to understand and accept life’s inevitability in its many forms and it is explored through nine characters, an eccentric hitchhiker and one dog on the loose. All the characters struggle with their own challenging life situations, and in their individual ways try to survive, either by escaping life or dreaming about another existence. Only when forced to face their greatest fears, do they wake up to realise how unpredictable life is and to welcome change with a new kind of ease, even hope. Getaways & Dreams is a balanced mixture of tragicomedy and elevated realism introducing a rich, plentiful world with a wacky gallery of portraits, calmness and poetry.


Screenings schedule:

19.07.2024 at 14:15, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Red Hall




Kaisa El Ramly is a half Finnish, half Egyptian writer-director based in Helsinki, Finland. Her professional background is in both acting (BA from the Prague Theatre Academy, DAMU) and directing for the theatre, before changing her focus to film and doing her MA-studies at the Finnish Film School (ELO). After her graduation in 2016, Kaisa won the Nordisk Film & TV Fond Talent prize for her debut feature film Getaways & Dreams, 2023. She has written and directed radio plays, short films, is currently developing her own TV series and directing another one for YLE (Whatevergroup).

Selected filmography

  • Getaways & Dreams (2023)


Producer: Erik Andersson, Klaus Heydemann

Screenwriter: Kaisa El Ramly

DOP: Päivi Kettunen

Composer: Hans Appelqvist

Cast: Sari Mällinen, Erja Manto, Aliisa Pulkkinen, Dick Idman, Lasse Karkjärvi, Robert Enckell, Jarkko Pajunen, Hannu Kivioja, Ingela Olsson, Erkki Saarela

Production: Inland Film Company, LÄSK


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