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2023 / 85' / Germany, Georgia

A cable car connects a village in the mountains with a small town in the valley.

Iva starts working at the cable car as an attendant.

The cable car has two gondolas.

When one gondola goes up, the other goes down.

The gondolas meet each other half way.

The attendant of the other gondola is Nino.

Iva and Nino meet each other as they drive past every half hour.

They band together against their boss.


Screenings schedule:

12.07.2024 at 10:15, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Red Hall




Veit Helmer shot his first film at the age of 14. He studied film directing at Munich Filmschool and became famous with his cutting edge short films “Surprise”, shown at Cannes Film Festival and “Tour Eiffel” (70 mm), presented at Venice. His first feature film “Tuvalu” (1999), starring Denis Lavant, was invited to 62 festivals, including San Sebastian and Berlin. His cult movie “Absurdistan” premiered in Sundance competition. Helmers documentary film “Behind the Couch” was aired by BBC and 20 broadcasters from all continents.

He collaborated with famous artists, such as actor Udo Kier on “Gate to Heaven” (2003), composer Goran Bregovic for “Baikonur” (2010) and actress Paz Vega for “The Bra” Helmer teaches at film schools in Prague, Beirut, Tbilisi, Djakarta and Almaty. His films won 155 awards altogether.

Selected filmography

  • Tuvalu (1999)

  • Gate to Heaven (2003)

  • Absurdistan (2008)

  • Baikonur (2011)

  • The Bra (2018)


Producer: Veit Helmer, Tsiako Abesadze, Noshre Chkhaidze

DOP: Goga Devdariani

Composer: Malcolm Arison, Sóley Stefánsdóttir

Cast: Nini Soselia, Mathilde Irrmann

Sales agent: Coccinelle Film Sales


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