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2024 / 75' / Ukraine

Roma was working in London when the Ukrainian conflict rapidly escalated with Russia’s army rolling across the border of his home. He decides to return to his family, whose town soon becomes a battlefield. While they take shelter in basements, cut off from the rest of their country, Roma joins an air intelligence unit, operating drones to locate the whereabouts of the invading force. As the drone flies, Roma is so close to his family, but in reality, the gulf between them is enormous.


Screenings schedule:

14.07.2024 at 16:30, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Hall 3




Born in Kyiv in 1995. From early years studied drawing and graduated from Kyiv Academy of Arts with painting specialization. Bachelor of Yevgen Syvokin animation director course at the Kyiv State Institute of Theatrical Art. Before entering university worked on many short film projects as a second assistant camera and storyboardist.

Hanna creates animation films, documentary, music videos, live video performances and fine arts projects. A member of Babylon’13 team as film editor and designer.

Selected filmography

  • Multipede Ignotum (2018)

  • Among Fields and Wires (2020)

  • Kyiv Zoo During The War (2022)

  • Klyati Perevertni (2022)

  • RUTA (2024)


Producer: Andrii Kotliar, Igor Savychenko

Screenwriter: Hanna Tykha

DOP: Roman Liubyi, Yaroslav Pilunskyi

Composer: Emil Asadow, Hennadii Boichenko, Oleksandr Guzeev

Cast: Roman Liubyi, Max Ruban, Dartsia Liuba, Ivan Bannikov

Production: Babylon 13 Production

Rightsholder: Babylon’13


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