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KRUTY 1918 / КРУТИ 1918

2019 / 110' / Ukraine

In 1918, German and Bolshevik forces begin an offensive on Kyiv. General Savytskyi of the Ukrainian People's Republic and his two sons – Officer Oleksa and student Andriy – find themselves at the epicenter of the events.


Screenings schedule:

12.07.2024 at 13:15, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Blue Hall




Oleksiy Shaparev is a Ukrainian film director, screenwriter, and actor. He was born on May 13, 1974. For five years (from 1992 to 1997), he studied the basics of filmmaking at the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television.

Selected filmography

  • Kruty 1918 (2019)

  • The Fight Rules (2016)

  • Kyiv Cake (2014)


Producer: Andrii Korniienko

Screenwriter: Kostiantyn Konovalov

DOP: Serzh Pivnenko

Composer: Marco Morini

Cast: Yevhen Lamakh, Andrii Fedinchyk, Vitalii Salii, Tomasz Sobczak, Nadiia Koverska

Production: Good Morning Films

Rightsholder: Good Morning Distribution


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