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2024 / 103' / France, Spain, Portugal

Jérémie returns to his hometown for the funeral of his former boss, the village baker. He decides to stay for a few days with Martine, the man's widow. A mysterious disappearance, a threatening neighbor and a priest with strange intentions make Jérémie's short stay in the village take an unexpected turn...


Screenings schedule:

14.07.2024 at 19:00, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Hall 3




French film director and screenwriter. Born on July 15, 1964, in Villefranche-de-Rouergue (France) to a farming family. He received an education in history. He made his debut as a film director in 1990 with the short film "Immortal Heroes" (French: Les héros sont immortels). He directs films based on his own scripts and sometimes acts in them.

In 2001, Alain Guiraudie received the Jean Vigo Award for the short film "That Old Dream That Moves" (French: Ce vieux rêve qui bouge) and was nominated for the French national film award, the César. In 2013, his film "Stranger by The Lake" was selected for the official program of the Cannes Film Festival for the first time and won Guiraudie the Best Director award in the "Un Certain Regard" competition, as well as three major nominations for the César Award (screenplay, direction, and best film of the year). In March 2016, the film was included in the list of the 30 greatest LGBT films of all time, compiled by the British Film Institute (BFI) based on a survey of over 100 film experts conducted for the 30th anniversary of the London LGBT Film Festival BFI Flare.

Selected filmography

  • Misericordia (2024)

  • Nobody’ Hero (2021)

  • Staying Vertical (2016)

  • Stranger by The Lake (2013)

  • The King of Escape (2009)


Producer: Charles Gilibert

Screenwriter: Alain Guiraudie

DOP: Claire Mathon

Composer: Marc Verdaguer

Cast: Félix Kysyl, Catherine Frot, Jacques Develay, Jean-Baptiste Durand, David Ayala

Production: CG Cinéma, Scala Films, Andergraun Films, Rosa Films, ARTE France Cinéma

Sales agent: Les Films du Losange


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