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2018 / 103' / Ukraine

Lviv batyars Bodya and Mirek live under the slogan: "Love Lviv, women and jokes." In order for life to be bright, noble vagabonds resort to various adventures, while remaining positive heroes. Unexpectedly for themselves, they become guardians of a young beauty and their adventures gain new momentum. The events of the film take place in Lviv, in 1938-39.


Screenings schedule:

18.07.2024 at 16:30, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Blue Hall




Oleksandr Berezan is a Ukrainian director and screenwriter. He was born on May 12, 1968, in Donetsk. He graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture, specializing in theatrical directing.

In cinema, he has established himself as a professional in the light, entertaining genre with films such as "Noble Tramps" (2018), "Let's Dance!" (2019), and "Taste of Freedom" (2024).

Oleksandr Berezan's film "Noble Tramps" won the National Film Award "Golden Dzyga" in 2019 for Best Costume Design (Maria Kero).

Selected filmography

  • Taste of Freedom (2024)

  • Kosaks. Absolutely False Story (2021)

  • Let’s Dance (2019)

  • Noble Tramps  (2018)


Producer: Dmytro Kravchenko

Screenwriter: Taras Borovok, Dmytro Naumov

DOP: Yuriy Korol

Composer: Oleksandr Soshalsky

Cast: Yuriy Khvostenko, Iryna Gryshak, Pavlo Kruzhnov, Ivan Sharan, Ksenia Nikolayeva, Oleg Primogenov

Production: Ganzafilm

Rightsholder: LLC Ganzafilm


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