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2023 / 109' / France, Japan

L'Adamant is the unique day center. The film portrays the floating structure L'Adamant Day Center, located on the Seine river in Paris. The structure is a special daycare center for the treatment of adults with mental disorders. It offers patients a daily routine that is structured in terms of time and space and helps them to regain their footing in everyday life with therapeutic workshops and psychosocial rehabilitation support.


Screening schedule:

21.08, 16:30, Ivan Mykolaichuk Cultural Center (140 Holovna Street, Chernivtsi)




Nicolas Philibert is a French film director and actor. Philibert was born in 1951 in Nancy, France. He studied philosophy in the University of Grenoble. Philibert's father was a film lecturer and he attended his talks in his youth, which encouraged him to embark on a career in the film industry. In 1970 he started his path in the world of cinema as a trainee.

Over the last fifteen years there have been more than 120 retrospectives to Philibert organised internationally including the British Film Institute (London) and the Museum of Modern Art (New York).

He was one of the directors invited to nominate his favourite films in the British Film Institute's 2012 poll.

He explains his motivations and the history of his career as a documentary filmmaker, like trying to blur frontiers between documentary and drama.

Selected filmography

  • In the Land of the Deaf (Le pays des sourds, 1992),

  • To Be and To Have (Être et avoir, 2002),

  • Back to Normandy (Retour en Normandie (2007),

  • Nénette (2010),

  • La maison de la radio (2013),

  • On the Adamant (Sur L'Adamant , 2023)


Producer: Céline Loiseau, Gilles Sacuto, Miléna Poylo

DOP: Nicolas Philibert

Production: TS Productions, France 3 Cinéma, LONGRIDE

Sales agent: Les Films du Losange


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