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2024 / 92' / Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria, Norway, Latvia

A pair of Polish documentary filmmakers are travelling through Central and Eastern Europe. They are looking for traces of the hybrid war used by Putin to rebuild the Russian empire.  They track down GRU agents who blew up ammunition depots and poisoned Moscow's opponents with novichok. They meet two presidents, a prime minister, a defence minister, a captured Russian spy, and a dozen agents of influence. The sum of these experiences leads to a disturbing conclusion and... a surprising finale.


Screenings schedule:

13.07.2024 at 19:30, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Blue Hall




Wrote and directed documentary and fiction films, which were shown in cinema and broadcasted by TV stations and at many Polish and international festivals. He is known for satirical view on contemporary Poland and humorous approach to serious subjects including Polish national complexes and religiosity. Has worked as a film tutor at Warsaw University, Silesian University, Łódź Film School and SWPS University. In 2005 he launched a film production company ZK Studio.

Selected filmography

  • The Good Change (2018)

  • Make Poland Great Again (2018)

  • The Battle with Satan (2015)

  • Voices (2012)

  • And God Created Sex… (2011)


Producer: Malgorzata Prociak

Screenwriter: Konrad Szolajski

DOP: Michal Slusarczyk

Composer: Rihards Zalupe

Production: ZK Studio, Wroclaw Feature Film Studio, Hypermarket Film, Doppelplusultra Filmproduktion, Red Dot Media, Isme Film, AGITPROP

Sales agent: ZK Studio Sp. z o. o.


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