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2022 / 77' / Ukraine

On February 24 2022 russia launched an invasive war against Ukraine bringing death and suffering to the Ukrainian civilians in the occupied territories. But the invaders’ plans were destroyed thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian army and the heroism of Ukrainians. It is about such ordinary Ukrainians that the first documentary film reconstructed in 2022 which consists of 4 real stories. The uniqueness of this film based on real events is that it is a film without actors. At the center of each real story is a character who has personally reproduced himself in the lead role. Completely different strangers united by one goal saving lives in the tragic cities known throughout the world Bucha Gostomel Irpin


Screening schedule:

21.08, 10:30, Ivan Mykolaichuk Cultural Center (140 Holovna Street, Chernivtsi)




Ukrainian Director of Photography Arthur Lerman has 10 years of directing experience. He began his career as a director of entertainment formats for the largest Ukrainian TV channels TET, 1+1, STB, INTER, and NOVYI KANAL.

Selected filmography

  • The Region of Heroes (2022),

  • The First Code (2022)


Producer: Oleksii Komarovskyi, Vira Serdechkina

Screenwriter: Oleksii Komarovskyi, Stefania Bila, Arthur Lerman (Zukov)

DOP: Yevgen Usanov

Composer: Roman Vishnevskyi

Cast: Vira Akimova, Oleksandr Akimov, Kateryna Horbenko, Oleksandr Dyachok, Oleksandr Melnychenko, Anatolii Yefymovych, Andrii Pokrasa, Stanislav Pokrasa

Production: Idea Films,


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