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2021 / 78' / Ukraine

Once upon a time, in the dressing room of the famous Dakh theater in Kyiv, seven actresses came up with the Dakh Daughters project. At their first solo show, Roses, they presented the world with a contemporary interpretation of the art of cabaret, which, in its absolute carnival freedom, knows how to entertain the public with the most serious topics. At the same time, Ukraine found itself on the threshold of significant change, not just in society, but also in the consciousnesses of thousands of people. The Revolution of Dignity and the war in the East reveal the nuances of the protagonists’ personalities, worldviews, and creative reflections.


Screenings schedule:

15.07.2024 at 10:30, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Hall 3




In 2000 Irena Stetsenko graduated from Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, receiving a diploma in Sound Directing. Worked as a sound producer and sound designer with TV stations, documentary film productions, and musicians. Since 2013, she has been fully attached to the Freak Cabaret Dakh Daughters Band as a sound producer and a director of their music documentary video-stories. In 2017 graduated from Serhiy Bukovsky Film Program on Directing Documentary Film.

Her debut feature documentary ROSES. FILM-CABARET was introduced at DOCUDAYS UA in March 2021 and had its international premiere at Sheffield DocFest, festival distribution currently ongoing.

Selected filmography

  • Roses. Film-Сabare (2021)


Producer: Olexandra Kravchenko, Vitalii Sheremetiev, Oleg Sosnov

Screenwriter: Irena Stetsenko

DOP: Irena Stetsenko

Composer: Dakh Daughters Band, Maria Nesterenko

Cast: Dakh Daughters, Vlad Troitskiy

Production: DGTL RLGN


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