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2023 / 76' / Ukraine, USA

An intimate look at the war in Ukraine, as seen through the eyes of Ukrainian artists who remain in their country to make art as a defiant act in the face of aggression.

The film presents the invasion of Ukraine as a war of memory, identity, and truth. Using live music performance, painting, street art, and the act of filmmaking itself, it aims to illuminate the psychological frontlines of the crisis: how to go to a restaurant or bar amid the near-constant blare of air-raid alarms and missile strikes; how to process, react, and resist, while having to go about the rhythms of daily life.

Blurring the lines between what is seen in front of and behind the camera, the film probes what it means to make cinema in a time of war.


Screening schedule:

20.08, 16:30, Chernivtsi Concert Hall (10 Universitetska Street, Chernivtsi)

25.08, 19:30, Ivan Mykolaichuk Cultural Center (140 Holovna Street, Chernivtsi)




David Gutnik is a Ukrainian-American writer and director. His critically acclaimed first feature film, MATERNA (2020), was honored at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, where it took home the honors for Best Cinematography and Best Actress. He was also nominated for Best New Director award for his work on the film.

Selected filmography

  • Materna (2020),

  • Rule of Two Walls (2023)


Producer: Olha Beskhmelnytsina, Sam Bisbee, Stacey Reiss

Screenwriter: David Gutnik

DOP: Volodymyr Ivanov, David Gutnik

Composer: Andrew Orkin

Cast: Lyana Mytsko, Stepan Burban, Diana Berg, Bob Basset, Kinder Album, Bohdana Davydiuk, Iryna Hirna

Production: 2Brave Productions, Illuminated Content, Park Pictures, Stacey Reiss Productions

Sales agent: Creative Arts Agency (CAA)


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