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2024 / 111' / Spain, France

Late 1990s. Art and culture are in full swing in Granada. Against that background, an indie band is about to change the music scene in Spain.

Just before creating their new album, the band is going through its worst possible moment. The bass player and the drummer have abandoned the band. Only the singer and the guitarist remain and the latter has ventured into a dangerous spiral of self-destruction from which it seems like he cannot escape.


Screenings schedule:

18.07.2024 at 14:00, Oscar Cinema, 1a Sportyvna Square (Gulliver Shopping Mall, 7th floor, Kyiv), Hall 3




Director and Scriptwriter. His first feature film, “Los condenados”, fetched the FIPRESCI Prize at the San Sebastian Festival 2009. Subsequently, he was awarded the Golden Shell Prize for the movies “Los pasos dobles” and “Entre dos aguas”. In 2018, his complete works as a film director and video artist were exposed at the Pompidou Center in Paris, an honor he also received at the National Gallery of Washington, la Cinémathèque suisse, la Filmoteca Española, la Filmoteca de Catalunya, el Festival dei Popoli and el Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali.

Selected filmography

  • Los condenados (2009)

  • La noche que no acaba (2010)

  • Los pasos dobles (2011)

  • Entre dos aguas (2018)

  • Un año, una noche (2022)


Producer: Cristóbal García

Screenwriter: Fernando Navarro, Isaki Lacuesta

DOP: Takuro Takeuchi

Cast: Daniel Ibáñez, Cristalino, Stéphanie Magnin, Mafo, Chesco Ruiz, Daniel Molina, Edu Rejón

Production: La Terraza Films, Áralan Films, Ikiru Films, Capricci Films, Bteam Pictures, Sideral Cinema, Toxicosmos AIE

Sales agent: Latido Films


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