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2024 / 126' / Norway

Two men, both in heterosexual marriages, have an unexpected experience that challenges them to reconsider their understanding of sexuality, gender, and identity. One has a sexual encounter with another man, without considering it either as an expression of homosexuality or infidelity, and discusses it with his wife afterwards. The other finds himself in nocturnal dreams where he is seen as a woman, stirring confusion and leading him to question how much his personality is shaped by the gaze of others.


Screenings schedule:

13.07.2024 at 13:30, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Red Hall




Dag Johan Haugerud (born 1964) is a screenwriter and director, known for his critically acclaimed novels, feature films, and short films. His feature film I BELONG (2012) won the Amanda Award as well as the Canon Awards for best film, director, screenplay and supporting actress (Laila Goody). He had a sweeping success with BEWARE OF CHILDREN (2019): in addition to the Dragon Award for best Nordic film and actor (Henriette Steenstrup) at the Gothenburg Film Festival, it also won a record amount of nine Amanda Awards following the international premiere in Venice, including for best film, director, screenplay, and male lead. It also won the Film Critics Award, the Norwegian cinema managers’ Sølvklumpen award, and the Nordic Council Film Prize. Dag Johan Haugerud has also written several novels published by the Oktober publishing house, and has created a number of critically acclaimed short films. SEX is the first film in the trilogy SEX DREAMS LOVE to have its premiere.

Selected filmography

  • I Belong (2012)

  • Beware Of Children (2019)


Producer: Yngve Sæther, Hege Hauff Hvattum

Screenwriter: Dag Johan Haugerud

DOP: Cecilie Semec

Composer: Peder Capjon Kjellsby

Cast: Jan Gunnar Røise, Thorbjørn Harr, Siri Forberg, Birgitte Larsen

Production: MOTLYS

Sales agent: m-appeal


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