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2019 / 105' / Ukraine, Switzerland

Thirty-year-old Nina, a Ukrainian language teacher, cannot leave the occupied Luhansk due to her husband's job and is forced to undergo retraining courses. Seventeen-year-old Andriy, who has been orphaned by the war, tries to reach out to the "outside world" and remind Ukraine that he still exists. Their paths cross when Andriy is taken to the police for placing a Ukrainian flag on the school roof. Risking her own life, Nina saves the boy. A strange friendship is born between them, reminiscent of the kinship of two forgotten souls in a God-forsaken world. Or maybe it's even love?

When Nina's husband, a petty smuggler named Yuriy, is forced to urgently leave the "LPR" territory and move to Ukraine, Nina no longer knows if she wants this. The fear of an uncertain future and new strong feelings confuse Nina even more. Do people in the occupied territories have a future? Do we have the right to forget about them?


Screenings schedule:

13.07.2024 at 16:00, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Blue Hall




Daria Onyshchenko is a Ukrainian-German director, screenwriter, creative producer, and journalist, as well as a member of the Ukrainian Film Academy. She was born in Kyiv in 1983. She graduated from the Faculty of International Journalism at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In 2005, she moved to Munich, Germany, where five years later she graduated from the renowned Munich Academy of Film and Television with a degree in Film and Television Directing. After several successful short films, Daria Onyshchenko directed her debut feature film "Eastalgia" (a co-production between Germany, Ukraine, and Serbia), which received numerous awards and was one of the first co-production films in Ukraine made in accordance with the European Co-Production Convention and released in wide theatrical distribution. In 2018, Daria began production on her new auteur film, the feature film "The Forgotten," which had its international premiere in October 2019 as part of the competition program of the Warsaw International Film Festival, where it received a Special Jury Award.

Selected filmography

  • Malevych (2023)

  • The Forgotten (2019)

  • Eastalgia (2012)


Producer: Ihor Savychenko, Dmytro Kozhema, Claudia Lehmann

Screenwriter: Daria Onyshchenko, Claudia Lehmann

DOP: Erol Zubcevic

Composer: Martin Skalsky

Cast: Maryna Koshkina, Danyil Kamenskyi, Vasyl Kukharskyi

Production: Directory Films, Lehmann Sisters


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