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2023 / 83' / Spain

After the death of their father, three siblings return to the family home where they grew up. They intend to sell it and follow their very different paths. But as memories surface in every corner, a fear of getting rid of the past and an impulse to reunite grows in them. As a last tribute to their father, there may still be time to make up for lost time and the house may witness new stories.


Screenings schedule:

17.07.2024 at 15:15, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Red Hall




Álex Montoya has written and directed several short films that have earned him over 170 awards and hundreds of shortlistings all around the world, notably a 2014 Goya nomination for LUCAS and a special mention at Sundance 2010 for HOW I MET YOUR FATHER. His short films have also won awards at all the major Spanish festivals with a competitive short film section. 

He directed his first feature film, ASAMBLEA, in 2018, which was awarded best full-length film and best actor at the 2019 Alicante film festival. It also won the audience award at RIZOMA 2019.

His second feature film, LUCAS, was also directed in 2018, premiering in cinemas in June 2021. That year, LUCAS claimed the Málaga Film Festival’s Silver Biznaga for best male performance and best film. The star, Jorge Motos, was nominated for best new actor in the 2022 Goya Awards.

Selected filmography

  • How I Met Your Father (2010)

  • Asamblea (2018), Lucas (2021)


Producer: Álex Montoya, Sofía López Hurtado, Jordi Llorca Llinares, Óscar Bernàcer, Joana M. Ortueta, Iván Martínez-Rufat, Pilar Llorca Rubio

Screenwriter: Álex Montoya, Joana M. Ortueta

DOP: Guillem Oliver

Composer: Fernando Velázquez

Cast: David Verdaguer, Luis Callejo, Óscar De La Fuente, Olivia Molina, María Romanillos, Lorena López

Production: Raw Pictures, Nakamura Films

Sales agent: Latido Films


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