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2023 / 93 / Mexico, Albania

This film in three parts explores traditions in rural Albania and the role of women in society. The project begins by describing the filmmaker’s relationship to the country and an unwanted personal sacrifice which solidifies this connection. The film moves into a poetic portrayal of village life and the roles of women in society and concludes with a video piece, revealing the villager's active participation in their own depiction.


Screenings schedule:

16.07.2024 at 10:00, у Будинок кіно, вул. Саксаганського 6 (Київ), Синя зала




Naomi Uman (New York, 1962) has lived in Ukraine and Mexico for many years. Her work is composed of intimate portraits of others and her own participation and influence on these representations. Many of her homemade, analogical films focus on the role of women and handiwork. She poetically and intimately explores the lives of others, while simultaneously

revealing herself, her biases and her active participation in the projects. She works mainly in 16 millimeter film, hand-processing when important to the content of the work. 

Naomi has made twenty films which have shown in festivals and museums worldwide. She is the recipient of fellowships from the Guggenheim, Fulbright and Rockefeller Foundations, among others.

She currently resides in Mexico City as a Mexican citizen and her last film "three sparks" (2023) is financially supported by a grant from the Mexican Secretary of Culture.

Selected filmography

  • three sparks (2023)

  • Unnamed Film (2008)

  • Mala Leche (2003)


Producer: Naomi Uman

Screenwriter: Naomi Uman

DOP: Naomi Uman

Sales agent: María Vera (KINO REBELDE)


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