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2016 / 86' /  Luxembourg, Austria

About Chernobyl, thousands of feet of videotapes have been shot. However, this film is not talking about Chernobyl but of a world which we know almost nothing. Some people from everyday life are raising their voices to testify. Through their supplication, the film takes us on a journey into the human soul.


Screenings schedule:

15.07.2024 at 15:30, House of Cinema, 6 Saksaganskogo Street (Kyiv), Blue Hall




Pol Cruchten (30 July 1963 – 3 July 2019) was a Luxembourgish film director and producer. Graduated from Paris’ ESEC film school (École Supérieure d’Études Cinématographiques) he shot his first short, Somewhere in Europe, with french actor Howard Vernon in 1988. In 1992, his first feature, Hochzäitsnuecht (Wedding night – End of the Song), premiered in the official selection of Cannes Film Festival. In the following year, the film won the Max Ophüls Prize for Best Film in Saarbrücken.

In 1997, Pol Cruchten shot Black Dju (1997) with Philippe Léotard, Richard Courcet, and Cesaria Evora, a thriller about emigration. After Boys on the Run (2003), shot in Hollywood with Ron Perlman, he returned to Luxembourg and adapted the novel Perl oder Pica (Little Secrets, 2006), which was a huge national success.

In 2016, his documentary Voices from Chernobyl (adapted from Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich’s bestseller about the nuclear disaster) won several prices around the world, including the Grand Prix du Festival d’Environnement in Paris (France) and the Price for Best Documentary in Minneapolis (USA).

Selected filmography

  • Wedding Night – End of the Song (1992)

  • Black Dju Dibonga (1997)

  • Little Secrets (2006)

  • Never Die Young (2014)

  • Voices From Chernobyl (2016)


Producer: Jeanne Geiben

Screenwriter: Pol Cruchten

DOP: Jerzy Palacz

Composer: André Mergenthaler, Luma Luma Earthsounds

Cast: Dinara Drukarova, Iryna Voloshyna, Vitaliy Matvienko

Production: Red Lion, KGP

Sales agent: LA HUIT


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