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By submitting this form, the individual consents to the collection, processing, transmission, and publication on the official website of their personal data by the LLC "Ukrainian Film Festival," including actions such as receiving, entering into a database, updating, destroying, and other actions that the LLC "Ukrainian Film Festival" may undertake with their personal data in written (paper), electronic, and other forms. The provided information includes, but is not limited to, the following data:


- Full name of the individual.

- Country and location of the organization represented by the individual.

- Phone number and email address.

- Name of the organization represented by the individual.

- Type of activity of the organization represented by the individual (cinema/theater/distributor/technical company/film producer/advertising company/other).


This information is voluntarily provided by the individual to facilitate further activities (collaboration) and for other purposes not conflicting with applicable laws. The individual acknowledges their consent that, if necessary, their personal data may be processed and disclosed to third parties.


The LLC "Ukrainian Film Festival" undertakes, following the requirements of Ukrainian legislation on the protection of personal data, to ensure the proper protection of personal data from unlawful processing and unauthorized access, including taking necessary measures to prevent the disclosure of personal data by employees and/or other authorized persons to whom such personal data has been entrusted or who have become aware of it in connection with the completion and submission of this form.

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